Boarding System


Boarding solution is a key prerequisite for transaction processing. Before traders can make any transactions, they must be onboarded. The onboarding process means creating records in Fiserv systems and activating the desired services and equipment. It can also include an approval process. As a result of the onboarding process, the activated merchant and equipment will be ready for transaction processing and the funds can be transferred to your bank account.

  1. Simplifies the operational process because it allows the Merchant boarding in the different FSV solutions through a single data entry point.
  2. Reduces errors and improves quality because the data has a single-entry point.
  3. Allows maintenance of the Merchants in a simple way to update information and/or configurations.
  4. Use via interface or APIs to facilitate the Customer experience.

Sequence Diagram

There are several components involved in transaction processing. The image below shows a streamlined end-to-end process for onboarding new merchants: