Transactions Available


It is important to understand the terminology for processing transactions in order to use the appropriate transaction type for your orders and returns.
Below are the existing types of transactions and which ones can be performed through our plugins:

ReturnsNo Available with Virtual Terminal (1)
Post-authorizationNo Available with Virtual Terminal (1)
Installment PaymentYes (2)
3DS ProtocolFULL Only. (3)
Network tokenizationNo

(1) VT: The process must be carried out by the merchant in the Virtual Terminal. At the moment, it is not possible for this information to be updated in the plugin.

(2) Installment Payment: It is possible to load installments for all card brands with NO INTEREST. Before requesting authorization, the merchant must calculate the final amount by applying the coefficient corresponding to the chosen installment plan:

It is not currently possible to open by card type. The merchant may choose to develop its own solution.

(3) The FULL mode of the 3DS protocol is the only one available at the moment. If the merchant wishes to use the Dataonly mode, they may choose to develop their own solution.

Transaction Type Definition

This section describes the types of transactions available through plugins:
Sales: This is the most common transaction type that immediately impacts the charge on a customer's credit card or bank account.
Pre-Authorization (Pre-auth): Often known as "2-step sale", it is an authorization that reserves funds on the customer's credit card, meaning the pre-authorization does not actually charge the card. Until the capture or post-authorization is completed, the charge will not be processed, and it's important to note that this is done through the Virtual Terminal.



The authorization reserves funds for a period of 14 days. If no post-authorization is made during this time, the funds will be released without any charge to the customer. The 2-step sale is only available for the VISA and MASTERCARD brands.

Complete Authorization: This is a transaction that captures funds from a pre-authorization transaction. It can capture 10% more or 90% less than the pre-authorized amount. The capture of post-authorizations or completion of pre-authorizations must be done through the Virtual Terminal.