For installation, it’s necessary to follow this steps:

Play services

It’s a requirement for this SDK to run on a device with play services. This SDK works with API running at least TLS 1.2 certificates, it is your responsibility to patch your app to support this if your app will run on pre-lollipop devices. Review this article to learn more.


  1. Add the following method to Application class:
override fun attachBaseContext(base: Context) {   


  1. Add the flag multiDexEnabled true in the defaultConfig of your gradle

  2. Add compile '' to your dependencies

Add SDK Maven dependency

  1. Add maven repository to your project build.gradle file:
repositories { 


        maven { url '' } 



2.   Add SDK dependency

For production development add:

    implementation "com.firstdata.mpos:sdk:1.1.12" 

For testing development (preprod) add:

    implementation "com.firstdata.mpos:sdk:1.1.12-preprod"



At the moment of writing this document, sdk Version is 1.1.12, but we strongly recommend to be up to date always using the last version available on our Maven repository