This SDK provides you a way to accept payments in your application using First Data platform. For a fully working example please refer to sdk Example demo source code.
You can find full documentation of every method provided by this sdk here.  Please read carefully.

With this SDK you can perform 2 kinds of operations:

  • Operations with UI: we provide a complete flow to let your user make a transaction using this terminal, you only need to specify few parameters. You can ask this SDK to:
    • Perform a payment and get the operation result on Activity Result method.
    • Perform a refund on specific operation and get the operation result on Activity Result method.
  • Operations without UI: we provide a set of methods within this SDK to let you interact with our servers. The API call is performed by the SDK, not by the developer. These methods are asynchronous and use a callback to let you know the result. You can ask this SDK to:

Retrieve information regarding a specific operation

Send and download the voucher (PDF) associated to a specific operation.


  • This SDK is not a set of methods to let you interact with the dongle or our server APIs. We provide everything you need out of the box to let you perform transactions with Example App platform.
  • This SDK Min Sdk Version is API 21, so it’s a requirement to your application to use at least a API 21 as min Sdk Version