Query an Application


This set of methods is used to provide the status of the application, used in the boarding process.

Method: GET /api/v1/application/{applicationId}

This endpoint is used to retrieve detailed information about a specific application identified by its unique applicationId.

  1. Parameters
    a. ApplicationId – the unique key used to identify the application for boarding. This Id is generated by the API System at the beginning of boarding process and used until the end of boarding.

  2. Responses
    a. “200” – OK. Indicates success in the inquiry and provides all the payload fields provided plus the ones generated by the boarding system, such as: merchantId, terminalId, storeId, etc. It also provides information about the boarding process, like: status, step, errorValidation, bpmProcessId, etc.
    b. “204” - No register found
    c. “400” - Bad request
    d. “401” - Unauthorized request
    e. “403” - Forbidden request
    f. “500” - Internal Error
    g. “502” - API Error