Method: GET /api/v1/application/merchant-properties


This endpoint is used to retrieve information about a list of Omnipay´s Merchant Properties.

  1. Parameters
    a. GroupLevel – indicates the merchant hierarchy level
    b. CountryCode - 3 letter code - ISO-3166 alpha country code representing the merchant´s country.
  2. Responses
    a. “200” – OK. Indicates success in the inquiry and provides a list of all Omnipay´s Properties Fields available for the institution in the respective country. Depending on the hierarchy level, it will return if the field is enabled and if it is required. It will also provide information like type and the index.
    b. “204” - No register found
    c. “400” - Bad request
    d. “401” - Unauthorized request
    e. “403” - Forbidden request
    f. “500” - Internal Error
    g. “502” - API Error