Integration Process with Fiserv


OK! You have decided that Connect is the solution for your business! Below, the step-by-step process:

  1. Contact a business advisor to carry out your affiliation process.

  2. You will receive your SharedSecret, StoreID and test card numbers by Email so you can start your development.

  3. Once your integration is ready in the Test environment, notify us to coordinate a certification session. In this session, we will ask you to make test sales, and we will test both successful and rejected cases. We will ask you to:

    1. Display the correct amount to the cardholder.
    2. Display the OID associated with the transaction. This is for support purposes, as it will make it much easier to find the transaction in our system for any clarifications and provide you with better service.
    3. Handle rejection with the correct error management.
  4. When your business has been certified correctly, your production credentials will be released with new SharedSecret and StoreID.