Integration Guide


For security purposes, all of the following are provided to you once you have an affiliation process with us. You will be provided with the necessary installers corresponding to your integration.

To carry out your integration, it is necessary that you provide the SOW document in detail and with the corresponding signatures, as it is the starting point to identify the needs and devices you want to use.

If you have any questions about this document, please contact your Fiserv business advisor.

The integration under the card operation present with Fiserv, has a set of libraries that you must import within your project to be developed; We also have the required drivers under Windows 7 or Windows 10 operating system. The necessary requirements to be able to communicate your application with our devices are the following:

  1. Installing drivers for Windows.
  2. Windows 7/10, without using shortened versions of the operating system (Windows Server 2012, Windows 10 IoT). Alternatively, depending on your pinpad model, it is possible to use systems such as Android & iOS.

Transactional communication between the Pinpad and your checkout system is carried out through a TCP Socket through which a frame is sent to the Pinpad with the corresponding command.