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To use the Boarding System, you will need two kinds of credentials: Application Account and Service Account.
Application Account: Customer must request Fiserv to create the application account in the API Gateway, which will be sent to the responsible contact via email in a secure (encrypted) manner.
Service Account: Is a credential created in the Boarding System (user and password).
Both credentials are needed to do the authentication process, through OAuth 2.

Authentication Method

OAuth 2 is the standard used for authentication and generation of JWT token that will be required to consume the Boarding System APIs.

Signature HMAC

It is a security mechanism required to guarantee the integrity of requests. The consumer must generate an HMAC signature and include it in the header of each request.

For more details: < Boarding APIs documentation – Apigee with HMAC Signature >

API Endpoints


Logon Expire

The default token expiration time is 60 minutes (3,600 seconds).